3 – Preparation
Turning the power on and off (standby
Do not wear connected headphones when turning the
unit on or off (putting it in standby). Noise could damage
the headphone driver unit or harm your hearing.
iThe unit enters standby mode if turned off when the unit
is operating on AC power supplied through an AC adapter
(TASCAM PS-P520E, sold separately) or bus power from a
computer USB port.
iTurn down the volume of the monitoring system
connected to the unit before turning the unit on/off
Turning the unit on
When the unit is off (in standby), press and hold the ¤
(HOME) [8] button until the TASCAM DR-07X start-up screen
is shown on the display.
The Home Screen appears after the unit starts up.
Start-up screen Home Screen
The first time a new unit is turned on after purchase, the
following settings must be made.
1) A screen to set the display language will open.
Press the + or − button to move the cursor and select
(highlight) the language to be shown on the display.
English: use English
日本語 : use Japanese
Français: use French
Español: use Spanish
Deutsch: use German
Italiano: use Italian
Português: use Portuguese
: use Russian
中文 : use Chinese
한글 : use Korean
After selection, press the 7 button to confirm it.
You can change this setting with the SYSTEM screen
LANGUAGE item. (see "Set the language" on page 53)
2) A screen for setting the built-in clock will open.
Press the .or / button to move the cursor
(highlighted area), and use the + or − button to change
Press the 7 button to fix the settings.
The start-up screen is displayed, and then the Home
screen appears after the unit has started up.
Date/time adjustment may be skipped (and made later)
by pressing the 7 button. (see "Setting the date and
time" on page 16)
Turning the unit off (standby)
Press and hold the ¤ (HOME) [8] button until LINEAR PCM
RECORDER appears on the display.
The unit turns off (puts it in standby) after it completes its
shutdown process.
Always use the ¤ (HOME) [8] button to shut down the
Do not remove the batteries or disconnect the power
cable (TASCAM PS-P520E AC adapter or USB cable) while
the unit is on. If power is interrupted, the unit cannot shut
down properly and all recordings, settings and other data
will be lost. Lost data and settings cannot be restored.
Resume function
The unit has a resume function. When turned on, the unit
locates to the position (time) where it was when turned off
If the 7 button is pressed after start-up, the track the unit
was playing when turned off previously resumes playing from
the position (time) where it was before the unit was turned
The required data are stored on the microSD card. The
resume function does not work if the card is exchanged or
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