3 – Preparation
Preparing the power supply
This unit can operate on two AA batteries, using a TASCAM
PS-P520E AC adapter (sold separately) or using a commercial-
ly-available USB cable (USB bus power).
Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries can be used.
To use USB bus power, see "Powering the unit with USB bus
power" on page 49.
Using AA batteries
Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the
unit. Fit two AA batteries to the + and – marks shown in the
compartment, and close the battery compartment cover.
When using AA batteries, set the type of battery in order to
accurately show the amount of power remaining and allow
the unit to accurately determine whether power is available
for proper operation. (see "Setting the battery type" on page
iDo not use manganese dry cell batteries.
iThis unit cannot recharge Ni-MH batteries. Use a commer-
cially available recharger.
iThe included alkaline batteries are for confirming
operation of the unit and might not last very long.
Using an AC adapter (sold separately)
As shown in the illustration, connect a TASCAM PS-P520E AC
adapter (sold separately) to the unit's USB port and charge
the unit.
TASCAM PS-P520E (sold separately)
AC outlet
Micro-B USB plug
iNever use any adapter other than the designated
PS-P520E AC adapter. Use of a different adapter could
cause malfunction, fire or electric shock.
iNoise may occur when recording with a microphone if the
unit is too close to the AC adapter. In such a case, keep
sufficient distance between the AC adapter and the unit.
When both batteries are installed and the AC adapter is
connected, power will be supplied from the AC adapter.
Using USB bus power
Use the commercially-available USB cable to connect the unit
and the computer as illustrated below.
Micro-B USB plug
See "Powering the unit with USB bus power" on page 49.
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