2 – Names and Functions of Parts
Menu item Function Page
Information about the file, microSD card, and system
see page 52
MONITOR MIX Set the monitor mix function see page 25
Use the tuner
see page 48
EFFECT Make effect settings see page 47
FILE NAME Set the recording file name see page 55
DATE/TIME Set the date and time used by the unit see page 16
AUTO OFF Set the automatic power saving function see page 53
BACKLIGHT Set the backlight see page 53
CONTRAST Adjust the display contrast see page 53
BATTERY TYPE Set the type of batteries. see page 53
LANGUAGE Set the language shown on the display see page 53
INITIALIZE Restore the default settings see page 54
QUICK FORMAT Format an SD card see page 54
FULL FORMAT Completely format an SD card see page 54
iWhen recording or in recording standby, only the following screens and items are shown.
REC SETTING screen: MIC POWER, LOW CUT and AUTO REC items (AUTO REC setting cannot be changed)
MONITOR MIX screen: INPUT and PB INPUT items (INPUT setting cannot be changed)
EFFECT screen: all items
iWhen the Playback Control screen is open, pressing the MENU button will not open the MENU screen. This turns the loop
playback function on/off. (see "Loop playback of a selection" on page 38)
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