2 – Names and Functions of Parts
Playback Control screen
During playback or when stopped, press the PB CONT button
to open the Playback Control screen.
Recording is not possible when this screen is open.
Use the
buttons to skip to IN/OUT points and the file
beginning/end. You cannot skip to the previous or next file.
1 Loop playback status
The icon appears when loop playback is enabled.
2 Playback position
The current playback position is shown by a bar. As
playback progresses, the bar extends from the left.
3 Available buttons
The buttons available in the Playback Control screen are as
MARK: Creates or deletes an IN or OUT point.
MENU: Turn loop playback ON or OFF.
4 Playback speed
Playback speed as compared with the normal speed is
shown. VSA appears on the left when variable speed
audition, which allows tempo to be changed without
changing pitch, is enabled.
Menu item list
Press the MENU button to open the MENU screen. The menu items are as follows.
Menu item Function Page
FORMAT Set the recording format
see page 20
SAMPLE Set the sampling frequency
CHANNEL Set stereo or mono file
SIZE Set the maximum file size
MIC POWER Set plug-in power see page 21
LOW CUT Set the low-cut filter see page 21
PRE REC Set the pre-recording function see page 29
AUTO TONE Set tone output see page 30
TONE SECS Set the length of the output tone see page 30
TONE VOL Set the volume of tone output see page 30
MODE Set the auto-recording function mode see page 27
LEVEL Set the auto-recording start level see page 27
AREA Set the playback area see page 34
REPEAT Set the repeat playback function see page 37
JUMP BACK Set the jump back function see page 41
JUMP FWD Set the jump forward function see page 41
LEVEL MODE Set the level mode function see page 24
SPEAKER Turn the built-in speaker on/off see page 18
PLAYEQ Set the playback equalization see page 39
LEVEL ALIGN Set the output level alignment function see page 40
BROWSE Work with files and folders on the SD card see page 32
USB SD CARD READER Select the SD card reader mode see page 49
AUDIO I/F Make USB audio interface settings see page 50
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