3 – Preparation
Inserting and removing SD cards
Inserting the card
1. Open the front cover on the front of the unit.
2. Insert an SD Card into the slot as shown in the illustration
until it clicks into place.
Removing the card
1. Open the front cover on the front of the unit.
2. Press the SD card in gently and then release it to allow it to
come out.
Do not remove the SD card from the unit during recording,
playback or at other times when it is being accessed.
SD cards that meet SD, SDHC or SDXC standards can be used
with this unit.
A list of SD cards that have been confirmed to work with
this unit can be found on the TEAC Global Site (http://
SD card write protection switches
SD cards have protection switches that prevent writing new
data to them.
Writable Write-protected
If you slide the protect switch to the LOCK position, file
recording and editing will not be possible. Move the switch to
the unlocked position in order to record, erase and otherwise
edit data on the card.
Preparing an SD card for use
In order to use an SD card in this unit, you must format it first.
1. Confirm that an SD card is installed and turn the power ON.
2. The following message appears when a new card or a card
formatted for use with another device is installed in the unit.
3. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to select Yes, and press the MULTI
JOG dial to start formatting.
To cancel formatting, select No, and press the MULTI JOG
dial to return to the
Formatting a card erases all the data on it.
4. When formatting ends, the Home Screen opens. You can
also reformat the card in this unit at any time.
When formatting, the unit should be operating using the
included AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E) or batteries with
sufficient remaining power.
Setting the key lock function
You can set the key lock function to prevent this unit from being
controlled by its front panel buttons.
1. Press the BROWSE button while pressing and holding the
MENU button to open the
2. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to select which button operations
to disable, and press it to confirm.
Options Meaning
value) The lock function is off.
This locks the operation of all buttons and
the MULTI JOG dial.
This locks the operation of the MENU and
SETTINGS buttons.
3. After making the setting, the Home Screen reopens.
Operation of a remote control (TASCAM RC-3F/RC-10)
connected to the REMOTE jack will not be locked.
A pop-up message will appear if you press one of the
buttons that is disabled by the key lock function being on.
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