3 – Preparation
(alkaline, Ni-MH or lithium), the operation time will be
If you need to operate the unit for a long time, use the
include AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E) to power the unit.
Turning the power on and off (putting
it in standby)
The unit enters standby mode if the power is turned off
when using the included AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E).
Turn down the volume of the monitoring system connected
to the unit before turning the unit on/off (standby).
Do not use headphones when turning the unit on/off
(standby). Loud noises could damage the speakers or harm
your hearing.
Turning the unit on
To start the unit when off (in standby), press and hold the
STANDBY/ON switch until
(start-up screen)
appears on the display.
The Home Screen appears after the unit starts up.
Start-up Screen Home Screen
Turning the unit off (putting it in standby)
When on, press and hold the STANDBY/ON switch until
appears on the display.
The unit turns off after it completes its shutdown process.
Always use the STANDBY/ON switch to turn the unit off (put
it in standby).
While the unit is on, do not remove the batteries or
disconnect the power cord when using the included AC
adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E). Doing so will cause all
recordings, settings and other data to be lost. Lost data and
settings cannot be restored.
Resume function
The unit has a resume function. When started up, the unit
locates the position (time) where it was when last shut down.
If the PLAY [7] button is pressed after start-up, the file the
unit was playing when shut down (put in standby) previously
resumes playback from the position (time) where it was.
This data is stored on the SD card. The resume function will
not work if the card is changed or formatted.
Setting the date and time
Using its internal clock, this unit remembers the date and time
when a file is recorded.
1. Select the
item on the
screen to open
screen. (See “Menu operation procedures”
on page 14.)
2. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to change a value, and press the
MULTI JOG dial to confirm it and move the cursor to the
next item.
After you change the year, month, day, hour, minute and
second in order, the cursor will return to the year.
3. Press the MENU button to confirm and return to the
You can set the unit to automatically add the date to file
names. (See “Setting the file name format” on page 33.)
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