3 – Preparation
Powering the unit
Power sources
This unit can be powered by connecting the included AC
adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E) or with 4 AA batteries.
This unit can use alkaline, Ni-MH or lithium AA batteries.
Using an AC adapter
Use the included AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E) to connect a
power supply to the unit as shown below.
TASCAM PS-P1220E (included)
Power outlet
DC plug
In order to prevent the cord from becoming disconnected
during use, wrap it around the cord holder when connecting it.
Always use the AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P1220E) that was
included in the package with this unit. Using a different AC
adapter could cause malfunction, overheating, fire or other
The AC adapter for the unit includes two types of outlet
plugs. Attach the type of plug that matches the power outlet
that you are using. (See “Changing the outlet plug” on page
When both batteries are installed and the AC adapter is
connected, power will be supplied from the AC adapter.
8Changing the outlet plug
1 Move the latch on the AC adapter in the direction of the
2 Pull off the outlet plug.
3 Replace it with the other outlet plug (A or B).
4 Move the latch on the AC adapter in the direction of the
arrow again.
5 Attach the outlet plug to the AC adapter.
After changing the outlet plug, confirm that it is not loose
or crooked and that everything is normal before plugging it
into an outlet
Do not use the adapter if there is anything abnormal about
the plug after changing it. Use when the plug is abnormal
could cause fire or electric shock. Contact the retailer where
you purchased the unit or a TEAC service center (on the back
cover) to request repair.
Using AA batteries
Open the front cover and battery compartment. Install 4 AA
batteries in the compartment with the ¥ and ^ marks as
shown. Then, close the battery compartment and front cover.
When using AA batteries, set the type of battery in order to
accurately show the amount of power remaining and allow the
unit to accurately determine whether power is available for
proper operation. (See “Setting the type of batteries” on page
Manganese dry cell batteries cannot be used with this unit.
This unit cannot recharge Ni-MH batteries. Use a commer-
cially available recharger.
A great amount of power is required to provide phantom
power to a condenser microphone. If you use a condenser
microphone while running the unit on AA batteries
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