2 – Names and functions of parts
e File name
The file name or tag information of the file currently being
played back is shown.
When ID3 tag information is available for an MP3 file being
played, it is given priority for display.
ID3 tag information includes the titles and artists names
that can be saved in MP3 files.
Recording screen
1 Recording format
This shows the file recording format and sampling
frequency. (See “Setting the file format and sampling
frequency” on page 22.)
2 Prerecording or automatic recording function setting
appears when the prerecording function is ON and the
unit is in recording standby.
appears when the automatic recording function is ON
and the unit is in recording standby or recording.
appears when both the prerecording and automatic
recording functions are ON, and the unit is in recording
3 Number of recording channels
This shows the number of channels in recording files.
: Stereo
: Mono
4 Elapsed recording time
The elapsed recording time of the file appears as hours:
minutes: seconds.
5 Recorder operation status
This icon shows the recorder operation status.
Indicator Meaning
09 Recording standby
6 Level meters
These show the input signal levels.
The b mark at the −12dB position on the scale is a guide for
input level adjustment.
7 Input source indicators
These icons show the input sources being recorded. (See
“Setting the recording input sources” on page 19.)
Icon Meaning
Record input from the MIC/LINE INPUT 1 and 2
Record input from the MIC/LINE INPUT 1 jack.
Record input from the ANALOG INPUT 3/L and
4/R jacks.
Record input from the MIC/LINE INPUT 1 and 2
and ANALOG INPUT 3/L and 4/R jacks.
These appear when in dual recording mode
for the dual input source. (See “Enabling dual
recording” on page 25.)
8 File name
The file name that will automatically be given to recorded
files is shown.
This shows the project name when there are multiple files
recorded in 4-channel or dual recording modes.
9 Remaining recording time
The remaining recording time on the SD card is shown in
hours: minutes: seconds according to the input source, file
format and sampling frequency settings.
0 Peak value in decibels (dB)
Peak input level values are shown in decibels.
q Low cut filter on/off status
This shows whether the low cut filter is on or off. (See
“Setting the low-cut filter” on page 20.)
This icon appears when the low-cut filter is set to 40Hz, 80Hz
or 120Hz.
No icon: Low cut filter off
: Low cut filter on
w Level control function status
This icon shows whether the level control function is on or
off. (See “Using the Level Control Function” on page 21.)
No icon: Level control off
: Limiter on
: Automatic level control on
Menu structure
Press the MENU button to open the
This list provides an overview of the various menu items.
Menu item Function Page
Divide files. page 33
Set the file name format. page 33
View SD card information. page 34
Restore the default settings. page 34
Format SD cards. page 34
Set the type of batteries. page 35
Set the automatic power off
function. page 35
Make remote control settings. page 36
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