3 – Parts of the Pocketstudio 5
TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started 9
Top panel
GDisplay The display shows you the current
status of the song, etc. as well as the menu choices to
set up and use your Pocketstudio 5.
HMP3 key Use this key when mixing down to a
stereo MP3 file (lights red) or playing back an MP3
file (lights green). When unlit, the Pocketstudio 5 is
recording tracks or bouncing.
IEFFECTS key Use this key to set up and use
the Pocketstudio 5’s built-in effects units.
JAdvanced transport keys Use these keys
to set repeat points, and automated punch operations.
KREC READY keys Used with the four audio
tracks of the Pocketstudio 5 to assign the sources to
the tracks, to check these assignments, and so on.
LFaders The four track faders (1 through 4) are
used to adjust the playback volume of the four audio
tracks. The TG fader adjusts the overall volume of
the built-in MIDI tone generator (that’s what “TG”
stands for!), and the MASTER fader adjusts the over-
all level of the overall signal. Pull the faders away to
you to reduce the volume, and push them away from
you to increase the volume. The nominal position,
with no cut or boost, is marked about two-thirds of
the way up.
MBuilt-in microphone If you do not have an
external microphone available, you can use this
microphone to record “guide” tracks, etc. The quality
will be improved, though, if you use an external
microphone, such as the one included as part of the
supplied headset.
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