3 – Parts of the Pocketstudio 5
8 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
BPHONES jack Connect a pair of stereo head-
phones (such as the ones integrated with the supplied
headset) to this jack. An adaptor (not supplied) may
be required in the case of some headphones.
CLINE OUT This is a stereo 3.5 mm jack that is
used to connect to other audio equipment such as a
tape recorder, MD recorder, etc. It provides output at
standard –10 dBV levels.
Right panel
DGUITAR/LINE selector Slide this switch
to the left (GUITAR) to select an electric guitar (or
bass) as the source for the guitar input 5. Slide it to
the right (LINE) to select another type of line input
(synthesizer, CD player, etc.).
EMic selector Slide this switch to the left
position (BUILT IN) to use the built-in microphone,
or to use a microphone such as the supplied headset
microphone connected to the microphone mini-jack
7. Switch to MIC for a dynamic microphone con-
nected through the microphone 1/4” jack 9, and to
the right (LINE) to use a line input (synthesizer, CD
player, etc.) connected to the 1/4” microphone jack
If a microphone is connected to the microphone mini-
jack, this takes priority over the built-in microphone,
which is then disabled.
FCard slot Use this slot with the supplied CF
card, and other similar compatible cards (use Type I
cards only). Push the card in firmly to mount it and
push the eject button to the right of the slot (arrowed)
to unmount it.
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