2 – About multitrack recording
6 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
In a recording studio, the usual mixdown device is an
analog or digital stereo tape recorder (or sometimes a
CD recorder).
On the Pocketstudio 5, the mix is made to an MP3
file inside the Pocketstudio 5 itself. No cables or
external equipment are needed, and you can share the
resulting mix with friends immediately, as the sound
is digitized, ready for storing and transmitting using a
personal computer.
Effects Either when recording or when mixing
down, effects are often added to the dry recorded
sound to add life and interest to the recording.
The Pocketstudio 5 provides you with a wide range
of effects which help to give your recordings a pro-
fessional touch.
Special guitar and bass-based effects are available for
input A, and vocal-type (and drum) effects for input
B, with a reverb being available for all recorded
tracks at mixdown. In addition, the tone generator
has its own flexible reverb and chorus effects, to add
a wide range of different colors to your recording.
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