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4 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
Powering up the Pocketstudio 5
The Pocketstudio 5 has two methods of receiving
power: from six dry-cell batteries, or from the sup-
plied AC adaptor.
The on/off switch is located on the “rear panel”,
together with the AC adaptor input, the USB jack and
the MIDI IN jack.
Slide the switch towards the AC adaptor jack (ON is
towards the center) to turn on the Pocketstudio 5. The
display lights and a welcome message appears
briefly before the home screen is shown.
In this manual, we use the term “top panel” to refer to
the main colored control surface with the display and
the control keys, “front panel” to refer to the surface
with the input jacks and level controls, and “rear panel”
to refer to the surface with the MIDI, USB and power
connector and switches.
The AC adaptor
When using the Pocketstudio 5 with the AC adaptor:
Make sure that you only use the Pocketstudio 5 with
the AC adaptor supplied with it. If you use any other
AC adaptor, there is a serious risk of damage to the
Pocketstudio 5.
Make sure that the voltage of your AC supply
matches the voltage requirements printed on the
Pocketstudio 5 AC adaptor. If you are in any doubt,
consult a qualified expert.
Disconnect the AC adaptor from the power supply
when you are not using it, but note the following:
Even when the Pocketstudio 5 is plugged into the AC
adapter, there is a slight drain on the batteries.
If the Pocketstudio 5 becomes unplugged from the
AC power supply, the batteries will be used unless
the power is turned off.
In order to avoid draining the batteries by mistake,
always turn off the power on the Pocketstudio 5
before disconnecting the adaptor.
There is a hook on the bottom of the unit. You should
loop the power cord round this hook to prevent the
Pocketstudio 5 from becoming accidentally discon-
nected from the power when you are using it.
Using batteries
When using batteries with the Pocketstudio 5, note
the following:
The Pocketstudio 5 requires six AA-type batteries.
Always remove and replace batteries with the
power to the Pocketstudio 5 turned off.
Always use the same type of batteries in the Pock-
etstudio 5 at one time. We strongly recommend the
use of alkaline batteries. Standard manganese bat-
teries are not suitable for use with the Pocketstudio
5, as they will not provide sufficient battery life for
use of the unit.
Although you can use Ni-MH rechargeable batter-
ies (Ni-Cad batteries will not give sufficient life),
you must make sure that all such batteries are
charged together when replacing the batteries.
Always follow the maker’s instructions when
charging these batteries. You cannot use the Pock-
etstudio 5 as a charger for these batteries.
Do not mix different types of batteries, and do not
mix old and new batteries together.
Always make sure that the batteries are the right
way round (+ and ) as shown by the markings in
the battery compartment.
If the batteries drop below a usable voltage, the Pock-
etstudio 5 shows Low Battery! on the dis-
play. If you see this message, do not attempt to use
the Pocketstudio 5 (there is a risk of losing your
work) replace the batteries as soon as possible and/or
connect the Pocketstudio 5 to the power supply, using
the AC adaptor.
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