6 – Managing songs and data on your Pocketstudio 5
TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started 25
Optimizing a card
When you record or edit a song, the data may not live
in a continuous block on the card. No damage will
occur to your data or to the Pocketstudio 5 if you do
not perform the optimization technique described
here, but you may find that some operations are a lit-
tle slow if you do not do this.
1From the main menu, select the CARD
menu, move the cursor down to CARD
2Press EXIT to leave this screen.
If you find that you have less room on a card than you
expect, you can use this operation to clean up unneces-
sary data, and create more usable space on your card.
Connecting the Pocketstudio 5 to a computer
1Make sure that the computer is switched on
and that you are logged into the computer.
2With the Pocketstudio 5 turned off and with
a card inserted, connect the larger (A) end of
a USB cable to the computer, and the smaller
(B) end to the Pocketstudio 5.
3Press ENTER/YES and hold it down while
you turn on the Pocketstudio 5. The display
shows USB MODE. After a short time, the
contents of the card appear as a disk on your
For Windows machines, the Pocketstudio 5
will usually appear as the first free drive
available after your hard disk and CD drive
(probably E:).
On Macintosh machines, the Pocketstudio 5
will appear as a disk called POCKET_5.
Disconnecting the Pocketstudio 5
Windows 98(SE) With Windows 98 SE, simply
unplug the Pocketstudio 5 from the computer.
Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows
XP With Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows
XP, the procedure is a little more complex.
In the system tray (typically at the
bottom right of the screen), you see an
icon picture of a PC card and an
Left-click this icon to show a popup bar:
Click this popup bar to allow the Pocketstudio 5 to be
removed from the computer. When the panel telling
you it is safe to remove the Pocketstudio 5 appears,
unplug the USB cable.
If a panel telling you that it is not safe to remove the
Pocketstudio 5 appears, do not remove the Pocketstu-
dio 5. Close all programs and windows that are
accessing the files on the card and try again.
Macintosh When removing the Pocketstudio 5
from a Macintosh system, drag the disk icon to the
trash, or press Command-E (eject). When the icon has
disappeared from your desktop, you can disconnect
the Pocketstudio 5.
Exiting USB mode (any system) Turn off the
Pocketstudio 5, wait a few seconds, and turn it on
again to exit USB mode.
Card Optimize
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