6 – Managing songs and data on your Pocketstudio 5
24 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
Using CF cards
The 32 MB card which is supplied with your Pocket-
studio 5 allows you to record up to 10 minutes of 4-
track material (as well as allowing you to produce the
stereo mix for these tracks).
Although you can back up cards to the computer
quickly and easily using the USB connection, as
described below (and then reuse the cards), you may
sometimes want to expand the capabilities of your
Pocketstudio 5 by purchasing another CF card with
more capacity. You can use CF cards up to 128 MB
in size.
Note that it is currently not possible to use the CF-
size hard disk drives which are available.
Before you start using a new CF card
Before you use a new CF card with the Pocketstudio
5, it must be formatted.
When you format a card on the Pocketstudio 5, it
doesn’t just format the card, but it also adds the folders
described in “Pocketstudio files” on page 26. For this
reason, you should always format a new card on a Pock-
etstudio 5, not a computer.
To format a card:
1Take out any existing card from the Pockets-
tudio 5 and replace it with the new card. Note
that the Pocketstudio 5 will report a number
of messages as you put in the new card,
because there is no data on this unformatted
card. Don’t worry about these messages.
2From the main menu, select CARD, and
move the cursor down to the Card
FORMAT option. Press ENTER.
3Press ENTER/YES to format the card.
DO NOT press any keys or remove the card
while formatting is taking place (it only takes
a few seconds.
4After formatting, the Pocketstudio 5 asks if
you want to create a new song on the card. In
most cases, you will want to create a new
song, so answer YES (ENTER) to this. The
new song will be called SONG1.
5When the screen returns to the home screen,
you can start remove the card or start press-
ing keys on the Pocketstudio 5.
Press EXIT to leave the screen without for-
6When the card is formatted, you must copy
at least the pattern file PATTERN.001 from
your computer’s CD-ROM to the Pocketstu-
dio 5. See “Connecting the Pocketstudio 5 to
a computer” on page 25 and “Pocketstudio
files” on page 26 for further details.
Checking how full the card has become
To get an idea of how much space remains on the
1From the main menu, select the CARD
menu, move the cursor down to CARD
SPACE and press ENTER:
2Press EXIT to exit from this screen.
Card Format
Card Space
Used : 4 MByte
Space: 25 MByte
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