TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started 23
6 – Managing songs and data on your Pocketstudio 5
When you connect the Pocketstudio 5 to a computer,
you can transfer data such as the following between
the Pocketstudio 5 and your computer.
Song data (audio, effect settings, MIDI backing
settings, etc.)
Stereo MP3 files: the files that you have mixed
yourself on the Pocketstudio 5 as well as other
MP3 stereo files from other sources.
Standard MIDI files which you can use as backing
data for “karaoke” playing and singing.
Additional MIDI backing patterns and effect set-
tings as these become available through the
TASCAM Web site, or from other sources.
Also note that if you are using a new CF card with
the Pocketstudio 5, you will need to format the card
(see “Before you start using a new CF card” on
page 24.
The computer must have one compatible USB port
available for use with the Pocketstudio 5 (if all ports
are being used by a mouse, keyboard, etc., you can
add a USB hub to expand the number of ports avail-
able to you).
The majority of modern computers have USB ports
which are compatible with the USB interface fitted to
the Pocketstudio 5. A very few older computers may
have older versions of USB hardware (host controllers)
which are not compatible with the hardware on the
Pocketstudio 5.
Your Pocketstudio 5 can be used with any of the fol-
lowing computer operating systems.
Microsoft Windows 98 SE (Second Edition)
Microsoft Windows Me
Microsoft Windows 2000 (Workstation and Profes-
Microsoft Windows XP (Home and Professional)
Mac OS 8.5 and greater (up to Mac OS 9.0)
The Pocketstudio 5 cannot be used with Microsoft
Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98 (first edition),
or Microsoft Windows NT (any version).
It will not currently work with Mac OS 9 or above
(including Mac OS X).
Managing songs
All song management and editing operations are
accessed through the CARD menu.
Naming songs To name the current song loaded
into memory, from the main menu, enter the CARD
menu, and scroll down to SONG EDIT. Press
Scroll the cursor to Song Name and press
ENTER to edit the name of the current song loaded
into memory.
Edit the song name (see “Naming songs, etc.” on
page 12) and press ENTER when you have finished.
This does not rename the song folder on the card, but
renames the “zero-length” file inside the song folder.
See the Reference Manual for details.
Take care that you only always use letters, numbers and
dash (
) in filenames. If you use any other characters,
you may not be able to read the card on a computer.
Deleting a song from the card To delete a
song from the card, enter the CARD menu and scroll
down to Song Delete. Press ENTER:
Scroll to the song you want to delete and press
ENTER. The song (tracks, settings, and mix) is
deleted from the card.
There is no undo operation available here. If you delete
a song from the card, there is no “escape hatch”.
Always be sure that you have backed up your song to
PC (or that you really do not want that song any more)
before you delete it from the card.
Song Name
Name :KotoJazz
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