5 – Your first song using the Pocketstudio 5
18 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
you to choose which bank you will select the
effect from.
6Set the input and output levels (In Lev
and Out Lev) for the effect (from 0 to
7Switch the effect on or off (make sure
the effect is turned on, otherwise you won’t
hear any effect). Also note that you will hear
no effect
8The last setting allows you to store your
parameter settings to a user area which you
can then name for easy recall. See the refer-
ence manual for details.
If you push and hold the
key for a couple of
seconds, you change between the key being lit and
unlit. When the key is unlit, both effects (FX1 and FX2)
are disabled, even if the
setting is set to
for either effect. The
key status does
not affect the third reverb effects unit (see “Mixdown”
on page 20) or the tone generator’s internal effector.
Adding EQ
1Press the MENU key so that you see the main
menu, and then use the cursor pad and
ENTER key to enter the EQ menu.
You can apply EQ to the recorded tracks, or to the
tone generator (left and right separately) or to the
inputs. Here, of course, we’ll be making EQ settings
on the guitar input (A).
Some people prefer to record with no EQ and to add it
at the mixdown stage. There are no rules about this—
it’s your choice!
2Move the cursor to the second line of the dis-
play, and turn the wheel until the Source
field shows InputA.
3Adjust the bass. Move the cursor down to the
third line to change the amount of bass boost
or cut (from -12dB (full cut) to 12dB (full
boost) in decibel steps, and to the fourth line
to change the frequency of the bass EQ band
(from 30Hz to 1.6kHz in 31 steps).
4Adjust the treble. Move the cursor down to
the bottom of the screen (the fifth line) to
change the amount of treble boost or cut
(from -12dB (full cut) to 12dB (full
boost) in decibel steps, and to the sixth line to
change the frequency of the treble EQ band
(between 1.7kHz and 18kHz in 31
If you add too much gain to the low and/or high EQ
bands, the input may overload, but this will not be visi-
ble on the meters or on the OL indicators. You must use
your ears to judge if the sound is distorted or not.
Saving the song
You may wonder why you need to save the song at
this stage—after all, nothing’s been recorded yet.
Even so, all the settings you have made to the tone
generator, to the effects and to the EQ, etc. can still
be stored for later recall. If you were to turn off the
Pocketstudio 5 now, you would lose all of these set-
tings! To avoid such a catastrophe:
1Press the MENU key, and select the CARD
2Select the SONG SAVE menu item and
press ENTER:
The display shows:
In Lev:100
Write : .
Func :EQ ,.
Source /TR1
LowGain: 0dB
LowFreq:100Hz ;
Save Current?
Song Save
Are you sure ?
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