5 – Your first song using the Pocketstudio 5
TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started 17
Bringing up track 1 fader here does not affect the level
of the signal being recorded—it sets the relative level of
the sound from track 1 that you hear through the head-
phones (or LINE OUT).
Adjust the guitar input level 6 so that when
you play the guitar in the way you will be
playing when you are recording, the meter
(INPUT A) is in the top part of the bottom line
of the display.
Tuning the guitar
1Tune the guitar. Since you’re playing along
with the tone generator, you should be in
tune with your “backing band”!
From the home screen, press MENU. Use the
cursor pad to navigate to the TUNER menu
and press ENTER/YES again.
2The top line of the screen indicates the refer-
ence tuning (the frequency of the A below
middle C). Leave this at 440 when playing
along with the Pocketstudio 5’s tone genera-
tor. If you are recording with an instrument
which does not follow this standard, you may
want to adjust this value, otherwise leave it
3Play any single string on the guitar. The
Pocketstudio 5 makes its best guess of the
note that the string is tuned to, and displays
this note, and a graphical display showing
whether the string is sharp or flat. This
screen shows an E string which is slightly
In this case, you should flatten the note
(loosen the string) slightly until only the cen-
ter box is filled when you play the string.
4Repeat the process one string at a time until
all strings are tuned.
If you do not see any indication on the screen when you
play the guitar, check that (i) the guitar pickup is
switched on and the guitar volume is correctly set, and
(ii) that the
is also
correctly set.
If the string pitch is midway between two notes (for
instance, between E and Eb, both note names are
shown alternately in the second line of the display.
5Exit the tuner function by pressing EXIT.
Adding a guitar effect
1Press the EFFECTS key so a screen similar to
the one below is displayed:
2If the top line shows FX2 rather than FX1,
press the EFFECTS key once more to change
3Use the cursor pad to move to the program
setting and select a guitar effect (a full list of
these patches can be found in the reference
Note that there are four categories of effects
available for input A: electric guitar
(EGTR), acoustic guitar (AGTR), bass
effects (BASS) and other miscellaneous set-
tings (ELSE)1. Use the wheel to choose the
appropriate category.
4Each setting has one parameter (Param)
that may be adjusted, which is the most
“meaningful” parameter for each setting.
The exact way in which the sound is affected
by this parameter depends on the selected
5As well as the preset (Preset) bank of
effects, you can also store your own effect set-
tings (User). The Bank parameter allows
|_____ o_____|
|_____ JH____|
FX1 :TraDist
Ctgry /EGTR
Param :83
Bank :Preset ;
1. Currently, the only “else” setting is a thru set-
ting. This may change with future releases of
the Pocketstudio 5 software.
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