5 – Your first song using the Pocketstudio 5
16 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
Setting up the rhythm
The first thing to do is to set the tone generator to the
“pattern” setting.
1From the “home” screen, press MENU and
then enter the SYSTEM menu.
2Use the cursor to move to TgMode, and the
wheel to select PATTERN.
While you are in the
menu, you may decide
that you want to think in terms of bars and beats, not
minutes and seconds. Set the
parameter to
if you want to work this way (see
“Choosing the time type” on page 22 of the reference
Selecting the pattern From the home screen,
press the MENU key, and enter the PATTERN
Select a category and style to use as a backing.
You can also adjust the structure of the song, arrang-
ing fills, intro, verses, etc. into the order that fits your
song, and you can also adjust the chord changes
throughout the song, as well as adjusting the relative
levels, pan positions, etc. of the instruments.
See the reference manual describing the use of pat-
terns (“Patterns on the Pocketstudio 5” on page 7) for
full details of how to do these operations.
Start playback using the PLAY y key.
Bring up the TG and MASTER faders to their nomi-
nal positions so that the meters show some life, and
adjust the headphone volume using the headphone
level control A until it is comfortable. Do not use the
TG or the MASTER faders to adjust the monitoring
level in the headphones.
Adding the rhythm guitar
The first thing to do is to make sure your guitar is in
tune. Happily, the Pocketstudio 5 contains a tuner—
you don’t need other equipment.
1Connect the guitar to the Pocketstudio 5.
Make sure the switch on the right of the
Pocketstudio 5 D is set to the GUITAR posi-
tion. Plug your guitar into the Pocketstudio
5’s GUITAR IN jack.
NEVER plug your guitar amplifier speaker output into
the Pocketstudio 5. If you do, will almost certainly dam-
age the Pocketstudio 5 and your guitar amplifier. You
may have an output marked LINE OUT on your ampli-
fier. If such a jack exists, you may use that, but you must
make sure that the selector switch on the Pocketstudio
5 is set to
and not
(even though the
instrument you are playing is a guitar!).
2Assign the GUITAR IN to track 1.
Press and hold the INPUT A GUITAR key and
make sure the REC READY lights for tracks 1
and 2 flash rapidly (you will be recording on
tracks 1 and 2 in stereo).
3Adjust the levels. Make sure that your gui-
tar’s pickup volume and tone controls are set
to the level you want.
If you have exceptionally powerful pickups on your gui-
tar, you may find that the red
indicator by the
key flashes on loud passages. This means that
you are overloading the input stages of the Pocketstu-
dio 5, and you should reduce the input level using the
Make sure the Pocketstudio 5 is showing its
home screen (“The “home” screen” on
page 10). You’ve already adjusted the
MASTER fader, haven’t you?
TgMode /Pattern
Tempo :-------
Time :ABS ;
Ctgry /Rock1
Tempo: d=100
Arnge:Preset .;
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