3 – Parts of the Pocketstudio 5
12 TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 Getting Started
The cursor pad
The cursor pad is used to navigate around the
screens—left and right and up and down.
Sometimes a screen will show an up (l) or a down (;)
mark or both (') at the bottom right of the display
which indicates that more options are available
before the current screen, or after the current screen,
or both before and after the current screen. Use the
cursor keys to scroll through to these “invisible”
Note that although it seems as though the center of
the cursor pad can be pressed, you are not really
pressing the center—the Pocketstudio 5 thinks that
you have always pressed one of the arrow keys first.
Naming songs, etc.
You can store songs, effect settings, etc. and you can
name them for future reference.
To do this, use the Ó and Á keys as cursor keys to
move the (underline) cursor left and right along the
space for the name.
Use the wheel to select the characters for the name.
Select the letters, numbers and punctuation to use in
the name from the following list:
After a name has been written, you usually move the
cursor to the screen position where you select the
memory area to store your song or settings, etc., use
the wheel to select the memory area, and then press
ENTER to store the song or settings for later.
Some characters may not be supported or may produce
strange results when you use them in names for files
which are later to be read on a computer.
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