12 – Messages
Message Meaning and response
Write Timeout Writing to the SD card timed out.
Backup files on the SD card to your computer, and format the SD card.
Card Full The SD card has no remaining capacity. Erase unnecessary files or move them to your computer to make open space.
Layer too Deep Folders can be created down to two layers. You cannot create a new folder inside the current folder.
Can't Divide The position selected for divide is not suitable (too close to the beginning or end of a file).
Max File Size The file is larger than the designated size.
File Full The total number of folders and files exceeds 5000. Erase unnecessary files or move them to your computer.
Card Error The SD card could not be handled properly. Replace the SD card.
File Protected The file is read only and cannot be erased.
No Card No SD card is in the unit. Install a recordable SD card.
No PB File There is no file that can be played back. The file might be damaged.
No Audio File DIVIDE cannot be executed because there is no audio file.
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