6 – Playback
5. When finished making the setting, press the stop (8) [HOME]
button to return to the Home Screen.
The current playback area setting appears in the upper left of the
Home Screen.
Playback area
Selecting a folder for the playback area (1)
Regardless of the current playback area, if you select a folder on the
Screen, the playback area changes to the selected folder.
1. Press the MENU button to open the
2. Turn the DATA dial to select
, and press the DATA dial or
/ button to open the
A file list of the folder that contains the file selected in the Home
Screen is displayed.
3. Use the . or / button to select a folder level, and Turn
the DATA dial to select a folder.
For an explanation of how to use the Browse Screen, see “Screen
navigation” on page 64.
4. Press the QUICK button to open the following quick menu
pop-up window.
Turn the DATA dial to select
, and press the DATA dial.
The display returns to the Home Screen. The first file in the
folder is selected, and the unit is stopped.
Regardless of the previous setting, the playback area is set to
, and this folder becomes the playback area. This folder
becomes the current folder, and new recorded files will be saved
in this folder.
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