4 – Recording
Recording an external device (LINE IN)
Use stereo plug cables to connect to the output of an external audio
Other audio equipment
or external sound source
Reduce the output level of the external audio device if the input
sound is distorted even when reducing the input gain level on the
When an external audio device with a fixed output line level is
connected, it would be impossible to control the gain level appro-
priately because of excessively large input signals. In such cases,
use the headphone jack or other level-controllable output for
connection to the unit.
Setting the input types
Set the 1/L and 2/R input switches on the front of the unit according
to the types of equipment connected to them.
Use this setting when connecting line output jacks of external
devices to the analog inputs of this recorder.
Use this setting when connecting mics to the recorder.
Use this setting when connecting condenser mics that require
phantom power (+24V or +48V) to the recorder.
When you set it to MIC+PHANTOM, a pop-up message appears
confirming that you want to turn phantom power on. (See “Using
phantom power” on page 45. )
Use the
screen to set the voltage to +24V or +48V. (See
“Setting the phantom power voltage” on page 86. )
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