3 – Preparation
Using an AC adaptor (sold separately)
Connect the TASCAM PS-P515U AC adaptor (sold separately) and the
USB cable to the USB port of the unit as shown in the illustration.
AC outlet
(sold separately)
Mini-B USB plug
When both batteries are installed and the AC adaptor is
connected, power will be supplied from the AC adaptor.
Never use any adaptor other than the designated TASCAM
PS-P515U AC adaptor (sold separately). Use of a different adaptor
could cause malfunction, fire or electric shock.
Noise may occur when recording with a microphone if the unit
is too close to the AC adaptor. In such a case, keep sufficient
distance between the AC adaptor and the unit.
Using an external battery pack (sold separately)
Connect a TASCAM BP-6AA external battery pack (designed for use
with this unit and sold separately) to the recorder with the included
USB cable as shown in the illustration. For details, see the BP-6AA
Owner’s Manual.
Mini-B USB plug
BP-6AA(sold separately)
The DR-60D cannot detect the remaining battery charge of a
BP-6AA. If you use a BP-6AA to operate the DR-60D without batteries
in the recorder itself, the unit might stop operating suddenly if the
battery pack runs out of charge. In order to avoid problems, put
batteries with sufficient charge into the DR-60D before connecting
and using a BP-6AA.
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