3 – Preparation
Powering the unit
Power sources
DR-60D can operate on four AA batteries, TASCAM PS-P515U AC
adaptor (sold separately) or USB cable provided with the unit (USB
bus power).
Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries can be used.
Using AA batteries
Remove the battery compartment cover on the back of the unit.
Install 4 AA batteries in the compartment with the ¥ and ^ marks
as shown. Then, close the battery compartment cover.
When using AA batteries, set the type of battery in order to
accurately show the amount of power remaining and allow the
unit to accurately determine whether power is available for proper
operation. (See “Setting the type of AA batteries” on page 86.)
Manganese dry cell batteries (R6) cannot be used with this unit.
This unit cannot recharge Ni-MH batteries. Use a commercially
available recharger.
A great amount of power is required to provide phantom power
to a condenser microphone. If you use a condenser microphone
while running the unit on AA batteries (NiMH rechargeable or
alkaline), the operation time will be shortened.
If you need to operate the unit for a long time, use a TASCAM
PS-P515U AC adaptor or TASCAM BP-6AA external battery box
(both sold separately) to power the unit.
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