2 – Names and functions of parts
q File name
This shows the file name that is automatically assigned to a
recording file.
This shows the project name when there are multiple files
recorded in 4-channel recording mode or dual recording mode.
w Remaining recording time
The remaining recording time on the SD card is shown in hours:
minutes: seconds according to the recording mode, sampling
frequency and recording format settings.
e Low cut filter status
This shows whether the low cut filter is ON/OFF. (See “Using the
low-cut filter” on page 49.)
This icon is shown as light letters on a dark background if the
low-cut filter is set to
Hz or
Hz for channel 1, channel
2 or channels 3/4.
: Low cut filter off
: Low cut filter on
r Limiter function status
An icon appears if the limiter function setting for channel 1, 2 or
3/4 is set to
. (See “Using the limiter” on page 48.)
: Limiter off
: Limiter on
t SLATE button setting
This shows the SLATE button setting (enable/disabled).
(See “Adding slate tones” on page 62.)
: SLATE button disabled
: SLATE button enabled
y Peak value in decibels (dB)
Peak input level values are shown digitally.
Menu item list
Press the MENU button to open the
screen. The items in this
menu are as follows.
Menu item Function Pages
REC MODE Set the recording
page 49, page 50,
page 52, page 54
INPUT SETTING Make input settings. page 46, page 48,
page 49
REC SETTING Make recording
page 40, page 42,
page 58, page 60,
page 61, page 62
AUTO REC Make auto recording
settings. page 56, page 59
Make play area,
repeat playback and
jump-back settings.
page 68, page 71
BROWSE SD card file and folder
page 64, page 69
page 70
OTHERS Show submenu items.
page 36, page 46,
page 84, page 88,
page 89
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