2 – Names and functions of parts
Indicator Meaning
3-M Left channel of dual recording mode main file
3-S Left channel of dual recording mode sub file
CH4 Channel 4 sound input
4-M Right channel of dual recording mode main file
4-S Right channel of dual recording mode sub file
2 Prerecording or Auto recording function status
” appears when the prerecording function is
, and in
recording standby.
” appears when the auto recording function is
, and
3 Recording format
This shows the file recording format.
WAV16, WAV24, BWF16 or BWF24
4 Recording sampling frequency
This shows the file recording sampling frequency.
44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz
5 Elapsed recording time
The elapsed recording time of the file appears as hours: minutes:
6 Number of recording channels
This shows the number of recording channels in the file.
7 Auto tone function status
This icon shows whether the auto tone function is on or off. (See
“Using the auto tone function” on page 61.)
No icon Auto tone off
Auto tone on
8 Recorder operation status
This icon shows the recorder operation status.
Indicator Meaning
09 Recording standby or Recording paused
Self-timer recording activated
9 input source
This icon shows the input source.
(examples) Meaning
/ / / Mono recording mode input source
/ Stereo recording mode input source
Dual recording mode input source and
gain setting for the second recording (0
to –12)
4-channel recording mode input source
0 Recording level meters
These show the levels of the input audio.
The b mark at the –12dB position provides a guide when
adjusting the input levels.
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