1 – Introduction
Thank you very much for purchasing the TASCAM DR-60D Linear
PCM Recoder. Please read this Owner’s Manual carefully in order to
maximize your use of all the unit’s features. We hope that you will
enjoy using this recorder for many years to come.
After you have finished reading this manual, please keep it in a safe
place for future reference.
You can also download the Owner’s Manual from the TASCAM web
site (http://tascam.com/).
This recorder includes audio inputs and outputs that are suitable
for use with digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, enabling the
recording of high-quality audio with DSLR video.
Compact audio recorder that uses SD/SDHC cards as recording
TASCAM original High Definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA)
microphone preamps provide high-quality recording inputs
In addition to ordinary stereo recording, simultaneous recording
of up to four channels is possible
Four channels can be mixed down to two for stereo output
Recording levels can be adjusted independently for the 1/L, 2/R
and 3-4 inputs
Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded
simultaneously at different levels
44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, linear PCM (WAV format) recording
Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) supported as WAV recording
XLR mic/line inputs can provide phantom power (+24V/+48V)
TRS mic/line inputs (1/L and 2/R) support +24dBU input when
set to LINE
Stereo mini jack input supports mics that require plug-in power,
allowing the input of video mics and other high-output mics
(+10dBV maximum input level)
Slate tone functions (automatic/manual) simplify synchronization
of video files when editing
CAMERA OUT connector allows the high-quality audio from this
unit to be output to a DSLR camera for recording
CAMERA IN connector enables convenient monitoring of audio
from a DSLR camera
Auto-record function starts recording automatically when a set
sound input level is detected
Mid-side decoding function can be used with MS mics
Auto-record function can automatically start and stop recording
at set levels
Can start recording a new file automatically when a maximum
file size set in advance is reached without interrupting recording
A QUICK button is available for easy access to various functions
Track incrementing function allows a recording to be split by
creating a new file when desired
Pre-recording (PRE REC) function allows the unit to record the 2
seconds of sound before recording is activated
Limitter function is available to reduce the level automatically in
case of excessively large input.
Low cut filter conveniently reduces low-frequency noise
Self-timer function to start recording after a set period of time.
Jump back and play function allows the last several seconds of
the currently played file to be replayed again by simply pressing
a button
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