Quick Start Guide
14. You can connect this unit with a DSLR to output sound from this
unit to the camera or to monitor sound from the camera with
this unit. (See “Camera connection and attachment” on page
Use standard φ3.5mm stereo mini plug cables (sold separately)
to connect them.
If you want to record audio from this unit with a camera,
connect the CAMERA OUT jack on the left side of this unit with
the external mic input on the camera.
If you want to input audio from the camera and monitor it with
this unit, connect the CAMERA IN jack on the left side of this
unit with the audio output jack on the camera.
External mic input jack
Audio output jack
DSLR camera
Refer to the camera’s operation manual for information about
the connector on the camera.
15. Use the CAMERA OUT volume control on the left side of the
unit to adjust the level output to the camera.
16. To monitor the camera audio input to this unit using
headphones, turn monitoring on using the
item on
screen. (See “Enabling monitoring” on page
17. When the Home Screen is open and the recorder is stopped,
paused, in recording standby or recording, press the MONITOR
SELECT button to open a pop-up where you can select which
sound to monitor. Turn the DATA dial and select
(See “Selecting the monitored signal” on page 41.)
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