7.12 DHCP Cfg - DHCP Server Configure
The HPS1P can be configured with DHCP settings to provide a
dynamic IP addresses assignment. The DHCP Cfg page allows you
to set:
The DHCP startup determines if the print server will act as DHCP
server. If this item is set to Auto, the HPS1P will detect if there a
DHCP server on the network when it boots up. If there is no
DHCP server on the network, then the print server will configure
itself as a DHCP server; otherwise it will disable this function.
DHCP setup is used to configure TCP/IP parameters that will be
assigned to a DHCP client. If this item is set to Auto, the print
server will determine all TCP/IP parameters automatically;
otherwise you will have tio configure the following parameters:
IP Address: specifies the IP address of print server itself.
Starting IP: specifies the starting IP address for assigning to
DHCP clients.
IP range: specifies how many IP addresses are available to DHCP
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