7.1 Introduction
This chapter introduces the HPS1P’s system configuration utility
in a Windows environment. This utility is automatically installed
during the Windows Administrator Utility installation procedure -
refer to section 3.2 and 3.3.
This utility provides complete management and configuration
functions for the print server. This utility only provides
configuration functions for the HPS1P itself; it does not include
configuration functions for client side or other file server or
NetWare server in the network environment.
The Configuration Utility provides the following
configuration and management functions:
General: General Information of print server
PrintServer Status: PrintServer Network Status
Printer Status: Attached Printer Status
IP Cfg: IP Address Configuration
NW PS Cfg: NetWare Print Server Configuration
NW RP Cfg: NetWare Remote Printer Configuration
NW Information: NetWare Printing Summary
Print Server Cfg: Print Server Network Ability Setting
Restore Default: Restore to the Default Value
Upgrade: Firmware Upgrade / Update
DHCP Cfg: DHCP Server Configuration
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