6.3.4 RARP
The procedure below enables the RARP daemon running on your
system to respond to a RARP request from the print server and
assign an IP address to the print server.
1. Log in the host of RARP server as the superuser (root).
2. Assign a name corresponding to the print server ’s IP address.
You can add this address to the /etc/hosts file, by adding a line
such as: pserver
3. Add the Ethernet address and the host name for the print
server to the /etc/ethers file, by adding a line like:
00:00:B4:01:01:01 pserver
The Ethernet address of the print server is the Node ID located on
the print server.
4. If your system uses Network Information Services (NIS), you
will need to make changes to the NIS host and its databases.
5. Check if the RARP daemon is running using the ps and grep
commands. If the RARP daemon is not running on your host, type
“rarpd -a” to run the RARP server.
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