arp –s 00-00-B4-01-01-01
In the meantime, your HPS1P IP will “temporarily” be set to (will restore after reboot). Therefore, you need to run
your web browser to set a permanent IP address (refer to section
8.3.7 for detailed IP configuration).
6.3.2 DHCP
There are many Unix systems that support the DHCP protocol nd
the procedures to configure the DHCP server database are different.
This manual does not describe the DHCP server configuration on
Unix systems. It is highly recommended that the DHCP server
should be located on the same network as the HPS1P.
6.3.3 BOOTP
If you have the BOOTP daemon, bootpd, running on your UNIX
system which is accessible to the print server, you can use the
BOOTP protocol to set up the IP address of the print server. We
recommend that the BOOTP server should be located on the same
subnet as the print server. If you use Network Information Services
(NIS) in your system, you may need to rebuild the NIS map with the
BOOTP services before doing the following BOOTP configuration.
To rebuild the NIS map, please refer to your system documentation.
To configure the IP address data for the BOOTP server, you will
need to log in as the host of the BOOTP server with superuser (root)
admin rights. Perform the following steps to add address entries:
1. Optionally, assign a name corresponding to the print server’s
IP address. You can add this address to the /etc/hosts file, by
adding the following line: pserver
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