6.3 Setup the HPS1P’s IP Address
The print server must have a unique IP address in order to be
recognized by the network.
You can set up the IP address on various Unix systems using any
one of the following methods:
1. ARP & Ping Assignment (Recommand for Unix)
2. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
3. BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol)
4. RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)
The print server will use the last three methods to obtain its IP
address automatically if its IP address is configured as Auto
6.3.1 ARP & Ping Assignment
You can use ARP and Ping commands with a web browser to
complete print server’s IP address setting.
Parameters for the commands are as follows:
arp –s <IP Address> <Ethernet ID>
ping <IP Address>
For example, a print server with the following configuration:
Node ID: 0000B4010101
(the Node ID is printed on the rear side of the print server)
Assign IP address:
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