6.1 Introduction
The print server is available for TCP/IP printing through the Unix
lpd (Line Printer Daemon) protocol. The lpd protocol originated
with Unix release is based on the BSD version of Unix and
supported under most versions of Unix.
This chapter explains how to configure the print server for
TCP/IP operation, and how to modify configuration files on your
Unix system to allow printing to the print server. The
configuration examples in this manual follow the syntax for BSD
based Unix systems. Please refer to the related system
documentation for the correct syntax of your systems.
To configure the print server for lpd printing, perform the
following procedures below:
1. Enable the HPS1P’s TCP/IP Support.
2. Set the HPS1P’s IP address.
3. Verify the HPS1P’s IP Address.
4. Configure remote lpd printing on the host.
5. Print a test page.
In the next section, we will describe these five procedures in
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