5. A list of defaults will be displayed. If you need to change any
of these items, use the arrow keys to choose the item you need to
change, then press Enter to display a list of choices. When all of
the values are correct, select the Continue Installation item and
press Enter.
The Current Tree and Current Context settings cannot be changed
within the INSTALL program. If you need to change the tree or
context where the print server will be installed, use the CX
command to change them before starting the INSTALL program.
6. The quick installation program will not only set up the print
server but also create and setup all required objects on the
network. When the setup is complete, it will also display an
execution command that you can run after logging in to the file
server to redirect print commands to the new print server.
7. Reset the print server to have the changes take effect.
NOTE: The print server may require up to a minute after
power-up to log into a NetWare Directory Services context
because of the large number of the calculations NDS security
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