NOTE: Though the print server supports both bindery mode and
NDS mode, it cannot support both modes at the same time. If you
are using both NetWare 3.x and 4.x/5.x servers, you need to set
up the print server to use bindery mode. If you need to install
NetWare 4.x/5.x bindery mode network printing, please refer to
the previous chapter. The installation procedure is the same as
NetWare 3.x.
5.3.1 Quick Installation Using “Install” program
The INSTALL program included on the CD-ROM can be used to
quickly set up the print server for use. It can only be used to set
up the print server in Server mode; it cannot be used to configure
the print server in Remote Printer mode. To use this method,
1. Log in to your NetWare server as ADMIN.
2. Insert the CD-ROM and change to the appropriate drive and
directory. Ex. e:\dosutil\
3. Run the INSTALL program with the “NDS” option.
E :\dosutil\install /NDS
4. Choose your new print server from the displayed list and press
Enter. The name listed will be the same as the Device Name
printed on a label of your print server.
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