24. Repeatedly press Escape to exit the PCONSOLE program.
25. Reset the print server to have the changes take effect.
NOTE: If the print server you have is with multiple printer
connectors, you may create multiple print queues and printer
Your print server should now be ready to use. You should be able
to redirect printing to your print server using a CAPTURE
command like the one shown in the previous section. Configuring as a Remote Printer Mode
The remote printer feature is not available for some print server
models. Make sure that you have created the NetWare print server
with Type Remote using PCONSOLE utility before you configure
the print server. For more detailed information about
PCONSOLE, please refer to NetWare’s manual. You can set up
the NetWare print server and print queue objects by following the
steps below:
1. Run the NetWare PCONSOLE program.
2. Change the current file server, if necessary, using the Change
Current File Server menu selection.
3. Choose the “Print Queue” Information menu selection.
4. Press the Insert key to add a new print queue.
5. Type in a print queue name, like “PQ” or “Q1”.
6. You have now successfully created the print queue that your
NetWare print server will serve. Press the Escape key until the
Available Options main menu is displayed.
7. Select “Print Server Information.”
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