5.2 NetWare 3.x Installation & Setup
Once your print server is connected to your Ethernet network, you
can set it up for use with your networking software. There are
two methods you can use to do this easily:
Please note that, you need install the IPX protocol before
continuing to install the print server.
1. In a DOS environment or DOS Windows, use the “INSTALL”
quick-installation program found on the <CD-ROM
Drive>\DOSUTIL of CD-ROM included with the print server.
2. In a DOS environment or DOS Windows box, use the
“PSETUP” configuration program found on the included <CD-
ROM Drive>\DOSUTIL; configure the print server to use a
particular file server. Then, use NetWare’s PCONSOLE program
to create a NetWare print server and print queue with the
appropriate names.
5.2.1 Quick Installation Using the “Install” program
The INSTALL program included on the CD-ROM can be used to
quickly set up the HPS1P for use with the NetWare environment.
It can only be used to set up the print server in Printer Server
mode; it cannot be used to configure the print server in Remote
Printer mode. The HPS1P handles changing the print server’s
internal settings, the creation of the NetWare print server and
print queue objects on the file server as well as the assignment of
the print server to the queue. Unless you need to configure the
NetWare settings to conform to special requirements for your
network, you can use the quick installation method.
To use this method,
1. Log into your NetWare server as SUPERVISOR.
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