Netware Server
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Remote Printer
Print Queue
Print Server Function
The advantages of embedding the NetWare network printing
functionality in the print server include:
Quick and easy installation.
Easy network management.
Enhanced printing performance.
Relief of NetWare’s file server burden.
The HPS1P can operate either in print server mode or in a remote
printer mode. Each print server should log into a NetWare server
before servicing the print jobs. Each print server will occupy a
user account with which it can log into the NetWare server. A
remote printer will not log into a NetWare server; it will connect
to a NetWare print server and get the print jobs from the print
server. A remote printer does not occupy any user account. A
NetWare print server can control many remote printers; thus a
print server account can be shared to many remote printers. The
printing performance of a remote printer will be slower than a
print server‘s performance, because a remote printer does not get
a print job directly from the print queue. The remote printer gets
its print job from the print server.
The Advantages of a Print Server
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