6. Click “Next” and a dialog box will prompt you to name your print server.
(Please make sure to write down the name you assign to your print server
for future use).
7. Click “Next” to configure your print server’s network communication
As a system default setting, IPX and NetBEUI protocols are enabled and
do not need to be configured.
With the TCP/IP protocol, you can either (1) assign a dedicated IP
address for your print server or (2) configure it later through the
configuration utility software. (If you choose “Do not change IP –
configure later,” there is no effect on your network settings. It is
suitable for both Non-IP and IP-enabled networks).
8. Click “Next” and the configuration summary will be displayed in the
setup window. You have completed the “Print Server Setup” process and
are ready to setup your print server to work with your printer. Please
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