2. Hardware Installation
1. Unpack the HPS1P’s packaging and check all the items listed
in section 1.3.
2. Connect the print server to the printer you want to share on
your network
For direct attach models, plug the print server directly to the
printer’s centronics (parallel) port.
For palmtop/desktop models, connect the printer to print server
through the standard printer cable.
3. Connect the power adapter to the print server.
4. The print server will perform the Power-On-Self-Test (POST)
after it is powered on. The Status LED will flash for up to one
minute to indicate that the print server is ready.
NOTE1 : You MUST use the power adapter shipped with the print server,
do NOT use any other power adapter from any other sources.
NOTE2: To prevent any compatibility problems between the HPS1P and
other printers, it is recommend that you power on the print server
before the printer.
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