1.7 Firmware & Printing Function
In order to provide a complete network printing solution, this
HPS1P’s supports Multiple Feature Function Sets for users to
select the appropriate Printing Feature Set to use depending on
individual’s printing requirement. Currently, the system provides
two Feature Sets for users to choose from:
Standard Feature Set
PTPP (Peer-to-Peer-Printing)
Email Printing
IPP Printing (Only some models, see 1.2)
NetWare Bindary Printing
NetWare Enhancement Feature Set
TCP/IP Printing (LPR)
NetWare Bindary Printing
NetWare NDS Printing (Only some models, see 1.2)
NetWare Remote Printer (Only some models, see 1.2)
All feature sets are included on the HPS1P’s CD-ROM.
<CD Driver>\FLASHROM\<Model Name>\PSxxROM.BIN
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