1.6 Contents of the User’s Manual
Chapter 2 explains print server’s hardware installation and
The following chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 introduce
configuration features for each of the following operating system
Chapter 3. Windows Peer-to-Peer Network
Chapter 4. Windows NT/2000 Server-Based Network
Chapter 5. NetWare Network
Chapter 6. UNIX System Network
You may select the appropriate chapters and sections to read
depending on your networks printing requirements.
Chapter 7 and chapter 8 introduce the HPS1U’s management and
configuration utilities for Windows and your Web Browser’s
environment. You may select the appropriate management utility
according to your computer’s platform.
Chapter 9 introduces the HPS1P’s Print Server Email Printing
function and setup procedure. Email Printing provides a new way
to print documents across the Internet by through the use of an IP
accessible email account.
Chapter 10 introduces the HPS1P’s IPP Printing functions and
setup procedure. IPP Printing provides a convenient way to print
documents across the Internet through the use of Windows
NT/2000/and XP native IPP protocol.
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