10.1 Introduction
The IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) provides you with a
convenient method for remote printing jobs via the TCP/IP
protocol. The HPS1P 10/100M Parallel Print Server can support
IPP printing capabilities. It is not necessary to modify any of the
print server’s internal settings to use the IPP printing features.
Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers can use IPP printing
functions through the operating system’s internal IPP
functionality. IPP printing will let you share your network
printer with any PC that can access the HPS1P print server by IP.
You can even share your printer with users over the Internet who
know your printer model, printer port, and IP address of your
HPS1P.10.2 System Setup
10.2.1 Print Server Side
It is not necessary to modify your IPP settings on the print server
side. Make sure you know your print server’s IPP settings and
make sure they are correctly set to your network’s IP settings.
Contact your system administrator if you are unfamiliar with your
network’s routed IP settings. If you would like to share your
printer with Internet users outside of your internal network
structure, you will have to set an outside IP address that can
access the print server. You also have to make sure that any
gateway, router or firewall does not block the IPP protocol if you
have those devices installed. Please contact your system
administrator or consult your router’s manual for DMZ or port
mapping configuration settings.
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