9.3 System Setup
9.3.1 Print Server Side
Step1.Execute the Print Server Configuration Utility.
Step2.In the IP Cfg page, configure the IP address.
Step3.In the Mail Print Cfg page configure Mail polling time and
MailBox parameters.
Mail Polling Time: Default is 1 minute; Intervals for print server
to check Emails in the MailBox.
Mail Server - Mail Account and Password are the Mailbox’s
Email server's IP address, account, and password respectively.
Step4. Press the "Write" button then the "Reset" button to finalize.
9.3.2 Client User Side
At first, please confirm that the client computer has installed and
setup the TCP/IP protocol correctly. Send an Email directly to the email account serviced by the print server.
You can send a text document directly to the print server mailbox
and have it print out. Please note that the email recipient should
be the email address serviced by the Print Server. The Print
Server will automatically retrieve the email from the email box
and print it to the attached printer. Please note that attached
emails will not print out correctly.
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