The Save to Print Server button - saves the configuration settings
to the HPS1P.
Make sure to reset the print server (described in section 8.3.11) to
have the changes take effect.
8.3.9 Configuring E-Mail Printing
Using print server’s email printing function, the client user on the
Internet can email the printing file to a dedicated mailbox The
print server will automatically get the email from that mailbox and
print it to the attached printer. The detailed function descriptions
are described in the Email Printing Chapter.
The page allows you to set the following:
Mail Polling Time - default value is zero (1 minute). It allows you
to set the time interval between system polling times for getting
the email from mail server.
Mail Server – Specifies where the mail server IP address of the
email mailbox is.
Mail Account - the account login of the email mailbox in the mail
Mail Password - the password of the mailbox account.
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