The DHCP server startup - This determines if the print server will
act as a DHCP server. If this item is set to Auto, the print server
will detect if there is any other DHCP server on the network when
it boots up. If there is no DHCP server on the network, then the
print server will configure itself as DHCP server; otherwise it
will disable this function.
DHCP settings are used to configure TCP/IP parameters that will
be assigned to a DHCP client. If this item is set to Auto, the
print server will determine all TCP/IP parameters automatically;
otherwise you will configure the following parameters:
Starting IP - specifies the starting IP address for assigning an IP
string to DHCP clients.
IP range - specifies how many IP addresses are available to DHCP
Net mask – provides the system with your current network mask
Gateway IP - the IP address of the default gateway.
DNS server - the IP address of the domain name server on your
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