Print Server Info: General Information of print server.
Printer Status: Current status of the attached printers.
NetWare Status: Print Server connection information for NetWare
DHCP status: Current DHCP server status and information.
Device Cfg: Device configuration
IP Cfg: IP configuration
DHCP Cfg: DHCP parameter configuration
Mail Print Cfg: Email printing configuration
SNMP Cfg: SNMP Information configuration
Utilities: Utilities for the print server
In order to protect your print server you will be able to access the
status information at any time but you cannot save the configuration
pages unless you pass the password verification process. You will be
asked to check your username and password when you want to save
or modify configuration settings. Please ignore the username and
enter a password at that moment, then reload the configuration
pages again to initiate the password protection. The configuration
pages will now be displayed again in your browser window.
8.3.2 Obtaining Print Server Information
Each time you open your browser to connect to a print server, you
will get this print server information page initially. The print server
information page displays some general information of print server.
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