8.2 Web Manager Utility
Web Manager Utility is implemented through WWW Plug-in
technology. After the installation of this utility on Windows, you
don’t need to memorize the print server’s IP address or the
number of print servers installed on the same network. After
executing the Web Manager Utility, all print servers on the Local
Area Network will be detected by the system automatically and
listed in the browser. Simply click on the print server you want
to configure to access its built-in web pages.
8.2.1 Installation and Execution
Since the Web Manager Utility is a part of the Administrator
Utility it is installed when the Windows Administrator Utility was
installed. Execute the “Web Manager Administrator” in the
program folder “Print Server Utilities.”
8.2.2 Starting The Web Manager Utility
When you execute the Web Manager Utility, your system will take
approximately 5 seconds to display the HPS1P’s Web Console Page.
In the mean time, your system will be searching for all print servers
on the same subnet.
After the search is completed, the screen will switch to the following
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