7.17 AppleTalk Cfg – AppleTalk Configuration
The AppleTalk Cfg page allows you to configure the AppleTalk
network parameters of the HPS1P. AppleTalk is a data
communication protocol often used by Macintosh computers. The
HPS1P can use these parameters to join in an AppleTalk network
and share the printer with other AppleTalk workstations. Only the
printer attached to the P1 printer port can be shared with other
AppleTalk network workstations (for multi-port models).
The page allows you to set the following:
Printer Type - the type of printer attached to the P1 printer port.
You can get the printer type from the manufacturer of your
Zone - the Zone name that the print server will join. Only
workstations in the same zone can share the printer. If you want
to share the printer with all workstations in every zone, you
should enter only an “*” in this field.
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